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"ive never been happier."

i went to make a post and it asked if i wanted to restore from saved draft.
thats what it said.
i wish it were still true.

there had to have been a reason why i didnt post it in the first place.
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brian's cheeseburgers taste real good.
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happy 7-11 day!
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i work too much. im getting like a million dollars tomorrow so i guess its worth it.

yay! i'm hanging out with ben tomorrow! be jealous.

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last night was awesome. i went to bens house after school and just hung out there until about 9:30. we were laughing the whole time. i got this spiderman coloring/activity book at work and we were drawing pictures and doing mad libs and stuff. it was pretty amazing.

i hate finals.
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i cant cant cant cant cant cant cant cant cant cant cant cant mess this up.

im gonna try real hard to not let him figure out that im crazy
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I feel loved.
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i just realized that i was depressed all winter and now that its warm outside im totally happy. im not crazy, i have a disorder.

the winter blues.

life is so awesome right now.
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my grandfather is paying to get my car fixed and then life can officially begin.

i went out wit my friends tonight to see hot fuzz and it was so much fun. i love friends.
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